Question:    How do I get a price list?
Answer:    Contact us at fish@petsiam.com and we will send you all the information needed to start the process.You can also fill out the Purchasing Application Form and fax or email to us.

Question:    When do I place an Order for Tropical fish?
Answer:    Orders are placed before each Thursday (Friday - Only Minimal Add-Ons) and your Order will be shipped to you to arrive the following Monday. If you are in the Los Angeles area then you can pick up your Order on Sunday at about 5:00 pm.

Question:    What is the cut off time to place an order for Tropical fish?
Answer:    We stop taking orders at 6:00pm Thursday, Pacific Standard Time.

Question:    How do we ship?
Answer:    All Orders are shipped on Major Airlines of your choice such as Delta, Northwest, American, etc.. We can help you find the best airline suited for your destination.

Question:    How often do we ship Tropical fish?
Answer:    Most Orders are shipped on Sunday to arrive Monday.

Question:    How often do we import Bangkok Reptiles?
Answer:    We import Bangkok Reptiles once a month and it usually arrives in Los Angeles on the first Wednesday after the fifteenth of the month.

Question:    What kind of credit terms are available?
Answer:    We ship C.O.D. If you need credit terms, you must show credit worthiness.

Question:    Do we have a minimum order?
.Answer:    No, we do not have a set minimum for each order but in general we try to ship a minimum of 100 lbs so as to reduce the cost of domestic shipping charges

If you have a question, please send it to faq@petsiam.com.